Installment 1 - "5 Myths": Being a single man or woman during the holidays can be challenging, but this teaching encourages God's single sons and daughters. Kimberly defines singleness and shares God's thoughts on the "single state" in a person's life. Kimberly debunks "5 Myths" (or lies) designed to attack a single person's self-worth and pull them out of God's purpose. Singleness is beautiful!

Installment 2 - "Spiritual Battles" - Part 1: This second installment on Singleness focuses on the major spiritual battles that singles face. While Satan's goal is to lure you off of the path that God has carved our for you, God has already equipped you to win these battles as you walk out singleness! You have several weapons of warfare to move in victory!

Installment 3 - "Spiritual Battles" - Part 2: (The Spiritual Battle of SEXUALITY) This third installment on Singleness is solely dedicated to the Spiritual Battle of Sexuality. You were made in God's image and Satan wants to pervert your image. In an effort to distort your identity, the enemy will use your pain, hurt, brokenness and emptiness to cause you to agree to and engage in sexual sin. The Blood of Jesus Christ offers you a way out and by the authority of Jesus Christ and the leading of God's Holy Spirit, you are victorious even in the Battle of Sexuality!

Installment 4 - "Being Content": This final installment on Singleness focuses on how to be content while being single. Knowing and embracing your identity "in-Christ" changes everything! Even receive a piece of Heaven at the end!

Give Me Peace Instead of Pieces

In this three-part series, Kimberly teaches us how we have been created for perfect peace and sound mind

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Healing The Orphan Spirit by Leif Hetland 

Our Heavenly Father never intended for us to live as orphans without a Father or without a home. As you read Healing The Orphan Spirit, receive a revelation of how to live from your identity as a son or daughter of God. The orphan spirit cannot be cast out; it can only be displaced by love, because perfect love casts out all fear.

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The Healing of the Mind by Ernest B. Rockstand 

Faith & Life Ministries 

The Healing of the Mind is a 22-page pocket-sized booklet that focuses on how to keep your mind healthy. The mind is the most important part of our being and a deficiency here affects not only the entire body but also the entire life. None of us in our own strength are able to think rightly, but the Holy Spirit holds our hand through life so that we can live healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The healing of the mind is a great need of every individual and Jesus has made mental wholeness available to everyone who will have it.

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Royalty Rescued by Kimberly Boone

Kimberly had said the sinner's prayer and went to church whenever the doors opened. Even so, she was being demonically tormented as she remained in her secret sin and struggle with he with fear, depression, addiction, guilt, shame, and more. She was living in bondage to the devil's lies and strongholds.

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When Kimberly's mother was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer, Kimberly believed that she had received an assignment from God to speak life. If It Were a Snake offers hope to those of us who occasionally lose sight of God in the face of day-to-day struggle. Through accounts of her mother's diagnosis, illness, and passage, Kimberly helps us open our eyes to the divine mercies that have been in front of us all along.

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Marriage Is Beautiful Thing, But I Wish I Would've Known by Tara Boddie

In addition to being a loving wife and mother, Tara Boddie is a counselor and ministry leader dedicated to helping women discover their God-given purpose through the ministry of marriage and parenting. In her book, Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing, But I Wish I Would’ve Known, she shares what she has learned about the power women have as wives and how they can harness that power into creating healthy marriages and families.

 In order to walk in that power there are four critical areas discussed:
1. Setting a firm foundation and understanding the value of the “Ministry of Marriage"
2. Balancing your time in order to have healthy relationships in all areas of your life
3. Conquering a self-serving mentality and using the gifts God gave women to have a more fulfilling marriage
4. Successful Strategies for building a healthy marriage and maintaining love for a lifetime Women are initiating divorces at an alarming rate and it is due to impart to an improper understanding of the purposes of marriage and an inability to tap into our gifts in order to bring out the best in our spouse. Women have and ability to create an atmosphere in the home where trust, vulnerability, love, and hope abide.

Whether you are single and considering if marriage is for you, or if you are married and wish to unfold the true joy of the marital experience, this book will give you a deeper understanding of who God has called women to be and how you are divinely gifted to love your spouse into purpose.