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The Monthly “Heaven Rules” Prayer Call:

Since 2020, A Kingdom Movement has been facilitating a monthly prayer call on the 30th of every month! The "Heaven Rules" Prayer Call speaks to our Heavenly Father's sovereignty even during these critical and transformative times. There are believers from all over the country from California to Florida, who join the line. The call reminds us to recognize and believe that nothing takes place without our Heavenly Father allowing it and ultimately revealing His greatness and power in it. The presence of His Holy Spirit is always on the prayer line and has been proven with testimonies of healings!

Heaven Rules Prayer Call - The Call-In Credentials:On the 30th of every month at 7pm Dial-In: 209-399-9416
No Access Code Required

The Kingdom Prayer Box, Morehouse University

A Kingdom Movement hosts a prayer box at the Morehouse University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. The prayer box was only supposed to remain atthe School of Medicine for two weeks, before the pandemic. However, when things shut down there was no time to move it. At the first opportunity to return to campus the box was checked and surprisingly, there were prayer requests still being submitted! So the A Kingdom Movement Prayer Box at Morehouse University remains! We pray in faith knowing that our prayers and declarations are interrupting the plans of the evil one and that the Kingdom of God is moving in the lives of each and every student who continues to request prayer!

Discipleship & Content Resources:

A Kingdom Movement inspires the body of Christ to be who they were created to be and do. We walk in our God-given identity and purpose by being shaped by our Heavenly Father's Word and His Spirit. The teachings and content resources are teaching that you can trust to fill you with God's truth and love, causing you to represent Him rightly on Earth. Currently, we have resources on Mental Health & WholenessCurrently we have free resources on:
• Mental Health & Wholeness.
• Singleness.
• Forgiveness.
• Healing an orphan spirit.
• Bible reading and study plans.
• Resources on how to survive during the global pandemic.

Prayer Deployments:

A Kingdom Movement began in Fall 2015 with a "May I Pray for You?" praverdeployment."May I Pray for You" is a strategic initiative that was a direct mandate from the Kingdom of God for His sons & daughters to take God's presence outside of the four walls of the church. We have hosted and facilitated numerous prayer deployments since then throughout the city of Tampa, touching lives and seeing miracles!

Today we encourage YOU as an ambassador of the kingdom of God to put onthe"May I Pray for You?" t-shirt and deploy! Order the newest version of this anointed tee and release Heaven right where you are! Let Heaven move through YOU! 

The Lies Teens Believe & The Truth That Sets Them FreeWorkshops & Counseling

Dr. Kimberly Boone, a Doctor of Christian Counseling in Clinical Psychology, (founder of My Life Restored Counseling Center provide a link to www.MyLifeRestoredCounseling) hosts an 5-week group session for young teen women (ages 12-15). In these Saturday morning sessions, Dr. Kimberly exposes 10 commonly believed lies that today’s teen girls have fully bought into. The young teen women learn how to overcome these lies they have been believing as Dr. Kimberly shows them how to be set free by the Truth. The truth can be difficult for this young generation who is exposed to much more than their parents ever were at their age. Teens are encouraged to be who God has called them to be as Dr. Kimberly addresses a variety of sensitive topics, including sexual issues, eating disorders, and occult activity.

In addition to the 8-week virtual group sessions, Dr. Kimberly offers each teen two individual - 1 hour counseling sessions where she meets with each teen individually to discuss their personal challenges.
Curriculum: Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth & DannahGreshCost: $30 (cost for study material/shipping)

For more information, please type your email below.

BREATHE Mental & Emotional Health Workshops - Megan Williams

Megan Williams is an Outpatient Therapist who currently provides services in Clearwater, Florida. Her clients include families and individuals living with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and also personality disorders. Having suffered from PTSD, suicidal ideations, depression, and anxiety; Megan knows firsthand the suffering that many in the Body of Christ are experiencing. Out of this place of personal healing, she ministers to the needs of her clients with compassionate care, helping them understand how trauma impacts the whole person– mind/soul, body, and spirit. This understanding has birthed a passion to see the body of Christ set free and begin to understand the need to acknowledge the mind-body connection. With tenderness and care, she works to lead others into freedom through Christ so that they are able to fulfill their purpose and impact the Kingdom for the glory of God.

BREATHE Workshops:Breathe (verb)\ ˈbrēt͟h  \a: to inhale and exhale freelyb: to pause and rest before continuing

Are you a believer and have mental health challenges? Have you gone through deliverance but are still having difficulty in your mind and emotions?Unpacking life’s hurts, challenges, and disappointments can be difficult. And navigating these challenges and their impact on each and every person is important. Come “BREATHE” with Megan as she creates a safe place while equipping the body of Christ with the understanding of how to overcome these challenges and thrive. Through the quarterly BREATHE Workshops, you will be equipped with the knowledge to understand anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship conflict, and a number of other topics. It’s time for you to BREATHE!

BREATHE Virtual Workshop Dates:
JANUARY 2023 TOPIC: Changing Your Story Understanding the purpose of caring for the whole person – Mind/Soul, Body & Spirit

NOVEMBER 2023TOPIC: The Holiday EmotionsExploring our relationship with our emotions: What emotional regulation is and how to cultivate it!